Primary History 74


Last updated: 27th October 2016

04 Editorial

05 HA Primary News

06 Learning about the past through a study of toys and games - Helen Crawford

08 Local history as a way of developing a sense of identity and place - Anna Husband

14 This is no ordinary story … this is our story … Teaching the First World War in the primary school - Steven Jolly

18 Learning Outside the Classroom – Should we? Christopher Russell

20 Anglo Saxon Women - Karin Doull

28 Studying the Maya: a case study in making history accessible to all pupils - Alf Wilkinson

32 What made Cleopatra so special? Karin Doull

38 Celebrate your sporting heritage on National Sporting Heritage Day - Justine Reilly and Brian Heywood

43 Meet the editorial team

44 Ideas for Assemblies - Bev Forrest

46 The back cover images - Jules Wooding

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