Primary History 76


Last updated: 30th June 2017

04 Editorial

05 HA Primary News

06 Learning about the past through a study of houses and homes by Helen Crawford

08 Coherence in primary history: what is it and how can it be achieved? By Tim Lomas

14 Ideas for teaching at key stage 1 about Tim Berners-Lee, William Caxton and how technology has changed our lives, by Nina Sprigge

22 A trail of garnet and gold: Sri Lanka to Anglo-Saxon England by Ilona Aronovsky

28 The gall nuts and lapis trail: what can you tell about Anglo-Saxon trade from ink? by Alf Wilkinson

32 Wot, no women? Did all Ancient Greek women stay at home and weave? by Alf Wilkinson

36 Overground, underground and across the sea by Sally Sculthorpe

40 ‘Not again!’ an additional viewpoint on using railways by Susie Townsend

46 One of my favourite history places by Karin Doull

48 Ideas for assemblies: Refugee stories by Ilona Aronovsky

50 History in the news

51 Making the children work for the information by Kay Topping

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