Primary History Summer Resource 2017: Roman Britain

Teaching the Roman Britain National Curriculum unit of study

By Sue Temple, published 18th July 2017

Primary Scheme of Work: Teaching Roman Britain

This special Primary History summer resource for our members will equip you to teach the Roman Britain National Curriculum unit of study. Please note that it is not a resourced scheme of work.

The unit includes the following enquiries:

  • Enquiry 1: When did the Romans invade and why?
  • Enquiry 2: Did the native Britons welcome or resist the Romans, and why?
  • Enquiry 3: How did the Romans influence the culture of the people already here?

The unit also includes links to other relevant HA resources including Roman crime and punishment, and Women in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Part of the resource is based upon a visit to Hadrian's Wall, but other Roman sites throughout the country are just as appropriate.

Please note: While this unit contains resource suggestions, it is not a fully resourced scheme of work, and the resources it refers to may in some cases only be available to full members of the HA.

The majority of the HA schemes of work were produced between 2014-2019 by members of the HA primary committee and its affiliates. These schemes of work are designed to support your planning and should be moulded and adapted to fit the context and needs of your own school. 

To view a free sample scheme of work, please refer to our Anglo-Saxons unit.

We regularly check the hyperlinks included in the schemes but unfortunately every now and again some links may go out of date. If you spot a broken link, please let us know on

This resource is FREE for Primary HA Members.

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