Teaching History 37


By HA, published 18th October 1983

How to be a History Man

In this issue:

Editorial, page 2

School History Visits and Piagetian Theory - Mike Pound, page 3

Film and the Study of History - The Imperial War Museum as a Practical Example - Paul Sargent, page 7

Teaching History in the Soviet Secondary General Education School - A.G. Koloskov, page 12

How to be a History Man - an Analysis of the role of the Head of Department at a Time of Falling Rolls - Nicholas J. Tyldesley, page 18

Report: History and Development Education - Sneh Shah, page 21

Empathy: An Aim and a Skill to be Developed - Frederick Thompson, page 22

New Theories and Methods? - Steven Colledge, page 27

History in Names and Names in History - Michael Paffard, page 29

The Contributors, page 33

Notes and News, page 35

Book Reviews, page 36

Short Notices, page 48

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