Teaching History 36


By HA, published 18th June 1983

Practical Problems of Teaching the New History

Teaching History, June 1983 Number 36

In this issue:

Editorial, page 2

Off the Record: the Ommission of Women from Classroom Historical Evidence - Carol Adams, page 3

Sex Differences and Historical Understanding - Martin Booth, page 7

Sexist Microcosm - R.J. Bradbury and C.A. Newbould, page 9

A Feast or Famine? History for Slow-Learning Children in Northern Ireland - Richard McMinn, page 13

Population History with Juniors: Using Parish Registers - Hilary Glendinning and Geoffrey Timmins, page 16

Practical Problems of Teaching the New History - John Simkin, page 19

Frederick Crossland Happold, DSO, MA, LID - Charles Hannam, page 22

From Marbles to Murder - Hilary Cooper, page 24

What is Historical Imagination? - Vivienne Little, page 27

A Critical View of the Compulsory History Curriculum 11-14 - Michael Wilson, page 33

Report: The Schools Council History Project: O-level after 1984 - Sandra Raban, page 36

Report: History Teaching and the Educational Potential of Preserved Railways - John Hartley, page 36

Report: One School's Challenge to a Student - John Roe, page 38

Report: Drinking Horns - P.J. Ryde, page 38

Report: Heritage Education: The Sandford Award Strawberry Hill Seminar - A.M. Dyer, page 39

Report: Getting It Taped: An English Teacher's Approach to a History Topic - Michael Farrell, page 40

Report: War in the Twentieth Century: A History Department Exhibition at the Netherhall School, Cambridge - Nicholas Kinloch, page 41

Report: A New Venture: The Historical Association Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary - Peter Liddle, page 42

Report: Humberside Conference on the Less Able - Ken Bore, page 44

Notes and News, page 45

Letters, page 47

The Contributors, page 49

Notes for Contributors, page 49

Books Reviews, page 50

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