Teaching History 34


By HA, published 18th October 1982

Developments in History Teaching

Teaching History, October 1982 Number 34

In this issue:

Editorial, page 2

Museums and the Use of Evidence in History Teaching - Carol Adams and Sue Millar, page 3

A Course of Local History for 12-13 year olds and their Reactions to it - John Mathews, page 7

Developments in History Teaching in England and West Germany - Robin Betts, page 10

‘History Around Us': The Experience of Four Belfast Schools - Victor Kelly, page 14

‘Faction' and History: Solving some Problems in Primary Children's Understanding of the Past - Alistair Ross, page 18

History as a Subject in South African Schools - Owen van der Berg and Peter Buckland, page 22

Complex Games and Simulations in Schools - Walter Oppenheim, page 26


            Problems of Enquiry Teaching in History in Zambian Secondary Schools - Francis Lampi, page 28

            An Introduction to the Modern World - David Crossley, page 29

            Fourth International Conference for the Discussion of Problems of Teaching History: The Third World in History Teaching - Islamic Countries - Charles Hannam, page 30

            History through Museums: A Collaborative Exercise in Teaching Training - Sean Greenwood and Roger Cooke, page 31

Notes and News, page 32

The Attitudes of Slow-Learning Adolescents to the Teaching and Study of History - Michael Wilson, page 33

In Praise of Projects - John Claydon, page 36

Notes for Contributors, page 37

The Contributors, page 37

Review Article: Go West, Young Man - John Fines, page 38

Book Reviews, page 40

Short Notices, page 48

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