Teaching History 79


HA, last updated: 21st April 1995

Developing an Understanding of Time

2 Editorial

3 News

5 The Revised History Order Sue Bennett and Ian Steele

9 From Plowden to Dearing Patrick Wood

11 Developing an Understanding of Time Sydney Wood

15 The Development Of Temporal Concepts in Children and its Significance for History Teaching in the Senior Primary School Cheryl-Ann Simchowitz

18 Historical Time and the National CurriculumAlan Hodkinson

21 Does the National Curriculum Bring Us Any Closer to a Gender Balanced History? Audrey Oster

25 Evaluating an E.I.U. Element within a B.Ed Primary Main Subject History Course Samanda Othen

30 History in the Greek Secondary School Curriculum Constandina Economou

32 After Apartheid: the outlook for history Jacqueline Dean and Robert Sieborger

39 The Third Annual Conference of SCHTE David Kerr


42 Reviews

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