Teaching History 78


HA, last updated: 21st January 1995

History, Citizenship, Stories & Sources...

2 Editorial

3 News

5 Using History to Develop Citizenship Education in the National Curriculum Peter John and Ian Davies

8 Developing a Multicultural Perspective Within Key Stage 3 National Curriculum History Paul Bracey

11 History Education in a Democratic South Africa Peter Kallaway

17 History Teaching and the Council of Europe Kate Hawkey

20 Stories or Sources? Clare Hake and Terry Haydn

23 History Students in Initial Teacher Educationlan Davies and Daniel Lyndon

27 Planning for National Curriculum History Lessons - the experience of newly-qualified teachers Michael Fertig

31 On Being the Very Model of a Modern Post Modernist (a case of PM tensions?) Peter Lee

33 Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: exploring contemporary social injustices through the study of artist Kathe Kollwitz - Dianne Turner


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