Teaching History 76


HA, last updated: 21st June 1994

Drama, Language Use, Artefacts...

2 Editorial

3 News

6 I Thought It Was For Picking Bones Out Of Soup ... Using Artefacts In The Primary School Liz Smith and Cathie Holden

10 Understanding Ethnocentrism: History Teachers Talking Janet Maw

17 Critical History? Rob Isaac

19 Language Use and Problem Solving in Primary History Patricia Hoodless

23 The Changing Face of Primary School History in the United States: An Emerging Opportunity for Anglo-American Instructional Interchange Victor Brooks

28 Project Replay: A Project designed to show the use of drama in teaching history Elizabeth Byrne Hill

29 A Dearing Opportunity: History Teaching and Moral Education Gavin Baldwin

33 SOS: Is Anybody Listening? Marika Sherwood


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