Teaching History 75


HA, last updated: 21st April 1994

The Dearing Report

2 Editorial

3 News

5 The Dearing Final Report - Threat or Opportunity? Carol White

7 Responses to the Dearing Report: History Post-16 Laurie Taylor

9 Making Dearing Enduring - A Personal View Roy Hughes

11 Teaching History at Key Stage 2 - One School's Approach Russell Carter

13 implementing Key Stage 3 History - The View from the North West C.F. O'Neill15 History in the Primary Curriculum: back to a basic past? Keith Crawford

20 A Post-Dearing Look at Hi.2: Interpretations of History Brian Scott

27 Progression - A Seminar Report John Fines

29 Avoiding Post-Modernism John Breuilly

31 Time Warps in the Heart of Russia Kate Hawkey

33 Computer Conferencing in History; a pilot study at 16-18 Roger Austin

36 The Second Annual Conference on the Standing Conference of History Teacher Educators David Kerr

38 Reviews

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