Teaching History 39


By HA, published 3rd June 1984

Language, Learning and Thinking Skills

Editorial, page 2

A Small Local Investigation - David Wright, page 3

A Journey Back into the Past - Rebecca Bell, page 5

History Workshop Centre (Report), page 7

History of Education in Schools - Richard Aldrich, page 8

Christmas Holiday Lecture Quiz Prizewinner, page 11

Recreating a Trip to York in Victorian Times - Mike Pond, page 12

Using Film as Evidence - Jim Clark, page 17

Opinion Polls Reach the History Classroom - Thomas Espley, page 19

Developing Local History Materials in Enfield - Ian Wibberley, page 21

Language, Learning and Thinking Skills in History C. B. Culpin, page 24

History Teaching in the Sixth Form - Stephen Pam, page 29

The Use of Documents in History Examining at A-Level - Catherine Mulgan, page 31

The Teacher and Advanced Level History - G.W. Pleuger page 33

Archives and Education in South West England (Report) - B. L. Harrison, page 35

Teaching History Imaginative Writing Competition, page 35

History and Computing: where do we go from here (Report) - Alaric Dickinson and Peter Lee, page 36

Using the Public Records in the History Classroom - Alice Prochaska, page 37

Independent History - A.E. Reekes, page 40

Statistics and History Teaching, page 43

Monarchs Marked - Richard Bradbury and Charles Newbould, page 44

The Contributors, page 46

Notes and News, page 47

Notes for Contributors, page 48

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