Teaching History 33


By HA, published 3rd June 1982

History Teaching and Artificial Intelligence

Editorial, page 2

History Teaching and Artificial Intelligence - Richard Ennals, page 3

Primary Schools: Humanities and Microelectronics - Ron Jones, page 6

Choosing and Using Microcomputers: A Charter of Experience -John Wilkes, page 9

Report: History and Computers - Frances Blow, page 12

Report: Computer Assisted Learning in History - Derek Turner, page 13

An Analysis of History Teaching in the Primary School since 1960 - Peter Sudworth, page 14

Primary History: What Guidelines are Needed? - Paul Noble, page 17

Preserving History in the Educational Market-Place - Nigel Bennet, page 19

Teaching History to Slow Learners: Problems of Language and Communication - Michael D. Wilson, page 22

What is Ancient and Modern? - Andrew Lownie and Simon Winder, page 27

140 Hours: A Case for a more Integrated Approach - Arthur Webster, page 28

Professional History in PGCE (Junior/Middle) Courses - David Blake, page 30

Stepping Back Three Hundred Years: The Young National Trust Theatre Sixth Form Day at Montacute - Sue Millar and Chris Durston, page 32

Report: The Interrogatory Approach to History Teaching -James Smith, page 35

Report: The Annual Gloucestershire Record Office Course for Sixth- Formers - J. S. Whiting, page 36

Report: America for a Day - Bill Derrett, page 37

Notes and News, page 38

The Contributors, page 39

Notes for Contributors, page 39

Book Reviews, page 40

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