Teaching History 31


By HA, published 3rd October 1981

Schooling the Local Historian

Editorial, page 2

List of Historical Association Area Education Advisers, page 3

The 'Records Road Show' or Documents in Essex Classrooms - Ian Mason, page 4

Schooling the Local Historian - Gareth Elwyn Jones, page 7

Local History Teaching and the Ordinary Child - R. D. Woodall, page 10

Lincolnshire Teachers' Views on a 16 Plus History Examination - Ray Acton, page 12

Contents and Concepts - Joe Scott, page 14

In Defence of Projects - G. F. W. Pleuger, page 16

`Place, Time and Society, 8-13' with Top Juniors - John Standen, page 18

Extracts from 16+ Draft National Criteria History, page 20

Towards Some Criteria for Establishing the History Curriculum, 8-13  John Fines, page 21

The Lesson Analysis Chart - Hugh Busher, page 23

The Home Brewed Textbook - David Warnes, page 26

Some Thoughts on the Textbook - Peter Rogers, page 28

Photography and the History Teacher: Some Applications and Methods - Nigel Morgan, page 31

Have you got the Copyright? - John Davies, page 35

Report: The Teaching of the History of Science in Schools and In Further Education - Christopher Daniels and Edward Grimsdale, page 36

The Clwyd History Project - Rupert Worrall, page 37

The Contributors, page 39

Notes for Contributors, page 39

Notes and News, page 40

Correspondence, page 42

Book Reviews, page 43

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