Teaching History 30


By HA, published 3rd June 1981

Moral Issues in History: the Psychology of the Mat

Editorial, page 2

Notes on Contributors, page 3

Down among the Deadmen: Graveyard Surveys for Local Studies - Brian Dix and Richard Smart, page 3

Educational Objectives for History - Ten Years On -John Fines, page 8

Notes and News, page 10

A Primary School's Experiment with a Micro-Computor - James Gent, page 11

History Abandoned? - Bernard Barker, page 13

Moral Issues in History: the Psychology of the Matter -John Cockburn, page 15

Teaching History Competition, page 17

History and Less-able Children -James Hagerty and Malcolm Hill, page 19

What's happened to professional History Courses in new BEds? - D. Blake, page 24

Report: Perspectives on Japan - Derek Blease, page 27

Comment, page 29

Sixth Form Feature, page 21

Who was John F. Kennedy? A Project for Juniors - Anthony Blake, page  31

Margaret Killingray, page 17

A Course set Fair: Problems of Coursework and its Assessment at Ordinary Level - Barry Simpson-Holley, page 33

Review article: Anti-social Social Studies - Linda Hall and Tom Hastie, page 35

Book reviews, page 38

Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias, page 46

Paperbacks reprints and Short notices, page 46

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