Teaching History 29


By HA, published 3rd February 1981

Understanding the Work of the Historian

Editorial, page 2

Notes on Contributors, page 3

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy - Keith Hodgkinson and Michael Long, page 3

Notes and news, page 7

Primary School Children's Preception of Authenticity and Time in Historical Narrative Pictures - John West, page 8

A Course in Local History Tonbridge and Kent - Andrew Reekes, page 11

Report: 'A' Level History: a Vision of Revision - Richard Tames, page 13

Report: Council of Europe Conference - William Cavil, page 14

What Shall We do with the Third Year? - Ian Dawson, page 16

Understanding the Work of the Historian - G. F. W. Pleuger, page 18

A Content Analysis of 40' and 'A' level papers Set by GCE Examination Boards - W. F. J. Inglis, page 20

International History at Sixth Form Level? What about the International Baccalaureate course? - John Hartley, page 23

The Importance of the Essay - John Kentleton, page 25

The Arab-Israeli Conflict - a Textbook Approach. - Martyn Dyer and Mary Ford, page 28

Replies to the June Editorial - Mollie Packham and Richard Smart, page 30

History on the Screen - Jack Duckworth, page 32

Report: The International Congress of the International Association for Audio-Visual Media in 'Historical Research - Jack Duckworth, page 35

Comment, page 38

Reviews, page 39

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