Teaching History 28


By HA, published 3rd October 1980

History: The Search for a balanced rationale

Editorial, page 2

Notes on Contributors, page 3

The Teaching History Imaginative Writing Competition 1980, page 3

Why History - the Teachers - Peter Carpenter, page 6

History 16-19, page 8

Profile: Peggy Bryant - Martin Booth, page 9

How I taught history - Sinclair Atkins, page 11

Practical Points on Teaching History to less-able secondary pupils, - John Hull, page 14

History: The Search for a balanced rationale - P. R. Limm, page 25

Time for Revision(?): A preliminary sketch for a revised edition of

1066 and All That -J. Peel, page 29

The case against the new Histoire Nationale - Yarema Kelebay and William Brooks, page 32

The Development of the Lesson planning chart, page 34Comment, page 36`

Blood not Money': History and drama at first degree level -Raymond Ingram and Utrick Casebourne, page 37

Reviews, page 43

Short Notices, page 47

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