Teaching History 27


By HA, published 3rd June 1980

Programmed Learning and Guided Learning

Editorial, page 2

Notes on contributors, page 2

Oral History and the Raj - Andrew Reekes, page 4

Programmed Learning and Guided Learning in History - Brian Garvey, page 7

From a Victorian Scrapheap - David Jeremy, page 10

Simulations and Computers - Richard Ennals, page 13

Mr Polly's History, page 16

Mission to England - Barbara Butler, page 17

Comment, page 21

TV and Film Reviews, page 23

Report: A Simulation Game Based on Archive Material - J. R. S. Whiting, page 24

Schools Council History 13-16 Project: an Upper School's Experience - Bob Wolfson, page 25

News of Schools Council History 13-16 Project, page 30

Teaching Time - Geoffrey Partington, page 31

The Record Office and Sixth Form History - G. M. Sherfield, page 35

A Common Examination at 16+ page 37

GCSE - Its implications for History, page 37

Review Article: The New Cambridge Modern History Completed -

J. Fines, page 39

Book reviews, page 41

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