Teaching History 26


By HA, published 3rd February 1980

Bias in the Classroom?

Editorial, page 2

Contributors, page 3

Trainee Teachers of History and Infants as Learners - John Fines, page 3

Howler of the Year Competition, page 5

A Castle in a Classroom - Carole Taylor and Joan Allmark, page 6

Indian Village: a Simulation Exercise - Thomas F. Willer and Bruce M. Haight, page 9

Bias in the Classroom? Two Case Studies - What have you got under your bed?, page 13

Which side is One-Sided?, page 15

Archives in the Third Year - Neil J. Munro, page 17

Rose's Life - Adrian Hall, page 21

Teachers' Forum, page 24

Announcements, page 24

The Arab-Israeli Conflict - a textbook approach - Richard Tames, page 26

History 16-19: The Future, Schools Council Conference, November

1979 - M. Booth, page 28


Making Progress in History, page 29

New Trends in History Teaching in Upper Secondary Schools, page 30

Local Studies course - Mode 3 CSE - Limited Grades 5-3 - G. L. Good, page 31

Review Article: The Unacceptable Face of History - Sallie Purkis, page 34

Comment, page 36

Reviews, page 38

Short Notices, page 45

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