Teaching History 25


By HA, published 3rd October 1979

History Teaching in the Sixth Form College

Editorial, page 2

Imaginative Writing Competition 1980, page 2

The Teaching History Imaginative Writing Competition 1979, page 3

The Contributors, page 3

Patrick Richardson (1927-1979), page 5

CEE History - One approach - Ian Dawson, page 6

The Teaching of History, 11-18, A Consistent Approach - Jon Nichol, page 9

Contradictory Ideas - Hugh Nicklin, page 15

The Life of George Stephenson - Alan Pridmore, page 16

Roman Lead Pigs - R. Ben Jones, page 19

The Schools Council History 13-16 Project: The CSE Examination, some problems of assessment, part 2 - H. G. Macintosh, page 22

History Teaching in the Sixth Form College - G. Fothergill, page 28

Review Article: Books for World History Syllabus - J. Mason, page 30

Comment, page 34

Reviews, page 36

Short Notices, page 45

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