Teaching History 24


By HA, published 3rd June 1979

How to Evaluate a History Department

Editorial, page 2

The Contributors, page 3

`Public and Private Lives: Germany 1914 to 1939' - Diana Devlin, page 3

The Perils of Clio in France - Clive Church, page 7

Trends in History Teaching in France - L. 0. Ward, page 12

How to Evaluate a History Department - John Higham, page 14

Constraints in Experimental History Publishing - Michael Hodge, page 17

`A' Level History: The Consumers' View - Jane Barber, page 18

The Schools Council History 13-16 Project: the CSE Examination, Some Problems of Assessment - H. G. Macintosh, page 22

Summary of a PhD Thesis entitled '0' and 'A' Level Examinations in History, page 24

Schools Council Project 'History 13-16': the Establishment of Regional Support Bases, page 25


The Anglo-Dutch Textbook Conference, August 1978, page 21

History in the New Zealand Sixth Form, page 26

Pupil Preferences for Foreign, National and Local History, page 27

Howler of the Year Competition, page 27

Comment: Letters to the Editor, page 28

Reviews, page 31

Short Notices, page 39

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