Teaching History 23


By HA, published 3rd February 1979

Teaching History: A Content Analysis

Editorial, page 2

The Contributors, page 2

Teaching History: A Content Analysis of Numbers 1 to 20 - Keith Hodgkinson and J. B. Thomas, page 3

History in Sixth Form Colleges in Hampshire - Joan Blyth, page 7

`Booth at Hitchin': Assessing Thinking in History - Bernard Barker and Alan Southgate, page 10

The Britannicus Letters - Christopher Jordan, 13

Transfer at 18+: The Case for Continuity - E. W. Ives, page 18


A Scottish Local History Archives Project, page 21

History in the First School: A course for an Ethnic Minority, page 21

The Butser Ancient Farm 'Demonstration Area, page 22

Joint CED/HA Conference on History Teaching for Children with Special Needs page 22

Coventry Waterways Project, page 22

B.U.F.C. Conference, Cardiff University, 11.4.78, page 23

Reviews, page 25

Short notices, page 40

Short Courses for Teachers (DES), page 47

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