Teaching History 19


By HA, published 3rd October 1977

Film and the History Teacher

Editorial, page 2

The Contributors, page 2

The Genesis of the History Teaching Film - B. J. Elliott, page 3

Film and the History Teacher - J. Duckworth, page 8

A Select List of Feature Films of use in the Teaching of History - T. Gwynn, page 11

New Approaches to the Study and Teaching of History in West Germany - L. Steinbach, page 15

Play, Enactive, Representation and Learning - P. J. Rogers and F. Aston, page 18


Conference on Film and Television in the study of Politics, page 22

Kidbrooke History: a preliminary report, page 23

A Heritage Year Seminar, page 25

Second World War Exhibition: Tonbridge Grammar School for Girls, page 26

Comment, page 28

BBC tv: two new series for the autumn, page 30

Reviews, page 33

Short Notices, page 43

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