The Historian 47

The magazine of the Historical Association

Published: 1st September 1995

3 Feature: A Democratic Experiment: France in 1848 - Olena and Colin Heywood

10 Profile: Always Splendid and Never Isolated: Lord Salisbury and the Public Scene, 1830 to 1903 - Michael Hurst

15 Education Forum: Domesday Dearing? - Martin Light

16 Update: Sir Robert Walpole's Black Box - Philip Woodfine

19 Short Feature: 'Indispensible Yet Insignificant'? Women in the Gentry 1714-1830 - Alice Mossman

23 Local History: A Restoration Militia and the Defence of the Shire: the Nottinghamshire militia 1660-c. 1670 - P.R. Seddon

25 Short Feature: Jervois and the Defence of Britain, 1860 - John Kinross

31 Personalia: David Bates

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