The Historian 1

The magazine of the Historical Association

Published: 1st September 1983

The first ever edition of The Historian magazine, first published in Autumn 1983. The edition's editorial sets out this vision for the magazine:

The Historian lays no claim to an elaborate philosophy, but is conceived as an up-to-date and forward-looking magazine provided by and for all historians. It advances no editorial pretensions, save that 'it is the life and soul of a magazine never to be long dull upon one subject'.”

Articles include:

2 Editorial: Up, up and away!

3 Feature: Queen Elizabeth I and the People of England – Eric Ives

12 Local History: The Evolution and Study of English Local History – John Marshall

16 Record Linkage: Lincoln's Inns – John Chartres

20 Update: Nazi Germany – Keith Robbins

23 Personalia: Profile of Michael Howard

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