The snobbery of chronology

The Historian 101

By HA, published 1st October 2009

The Western Front, Harold II, Churchill & Islam

The snobbery of chronology: In defence of the generals on the Western Front by Mark Mortimer

President's Column by Anne Curry

The strange death of King Harold II: Propaganda and the problem of legitimacy in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings by Chris Dennis

Winston Churchill and the Islamic World: Early Encounters by Warren Dockter

What did you do in The Great War? A family mystery explored by Donald Read

Sir Francis Fletcher Vane, anti-militarist: The Great boy scout schism of 1909 by John Springhall

Out and about looking at Crinkle Crankle Walls by Trevor James, 

Ruins in the woods by A case study of three historical ruins ‘hidden' in the woodland of Derbyshire by Richard Stone and much more...

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