Gladstone and the London May Day Demonstrators

The Historian 105

Published: 9th August 2010

Gladstone, Charles Gilpin, the First Crusade...

5 Editorial

6 Gladstone and the London May Day Demonstrators, 1890 - Chris Wrigley

11 The President's Column - Anne Curry

12 Charles Gilpin - John Lethbridge

18 Cambuskenneth books: Looted Scottish law books return to Edinburgh - John Rogers

21 Lord Rochester's Grand Tour 1661 - 1664 - F. H. Ellis. Edited by W. A. Speck

24 The Miraculous Crusade: The Role of the Mystical and Miraculous in the Morale and Motivation of the First Crusade - Colin Wheldon James

30 Food, history and a sense of place? Ian C. Mason

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