Historical Fiction

The Historian 117

By HA, published 14th May 2013

1066, Dowton Abbey and much more...

4 Review - Lincoln

5 Editorial

6 "How can there be a true history, when we see no man living is able to write truly the history of the last week?" Lindsey Davis

11 The President's Column

12 1066: The Limits of our Knowledge Marc Morris

16 Historical fiction: warts and all Richard Lee

22 Historical fiction: engaging the young reader in the past Fiona M Collins

28 Judging a book by its cover Judith Graham

32 Downton Abbey Question and answer session with Susannah Buxton

34 What is your period? Historical flash fiction competition

35 Review - Pure

36 My Favourite History Place St Petersburg - David Pearse

39 Henry VIII in ten tweets - Paula Kitching

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