Newcastle & the General Strike 1926

The Historian 123

By HA, published 22nd December 2014

Strikes, Wars, African Queens & the Maya

4 Reviews

5 Editorial

6 Using the House by Wendy Barnes

11 The President's Column

12 Newcastle and the General Strike 1926 Hugh Gault

16 A Story in Stone: the Tirah War Memorial in Dorchester Dave Martin

20 The shortest war in history Alf Wilkinson

22 Where fact and fiction intercept: the story of The African Queen(s) by C.S. Forester Anne Samson

28 On British Soil: Hartlepool, 16 December, 1914 John Sadler

32 Reuse of the Past: A Case Study from the Ancient Maya Diane Davies

37 News from 59a

38 My Favourite History Place: Cafés and Cinemas in Asmaras Nicholas J Tyldesley

39 The Terracotta Chinese Army in ten tweetss Paula Kitching

40 HA Tours

42 Out and About with Garibaldi Trevor James

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