The Historian 126: The Battle of Waterloo

The magazine of the Historical Association

Published: 7th July 2015


4 Reviews

5 Editorial

6 The Battle of Waterloo: Sunday 18 June 1815 - John Morewood (Read Article)

13 News from 59a

14 Scum of the earth - or fine fellows? The British soldier in theRevolutionary and Napoleonic wars - Carole Divall (Read Article)

19 The President's Column

20 Medical aspects of the battle of Waterloo - Michael Crumplin (Read Article)

26 St Helena: Napoleon's last island - Paul Brunyee (Read Article)

30 Waterloo's prizefight factor: Pierce Egan celebrates the Boxiana touch as Napoleon is floored - David Snowdon (Read Article)

36 My Favourite History Place: Brixham - Paul Brunyee (Read Article)

37 London Stations in ten tweets - Paula Kitching

38 Out and About - The Iron Duke in Bronze - Dave Martin (Read Article)

42 Driver Ben Cobey 8th Royal Field Artillery - Alf Wilkinson (Read Article)

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