The Historian 136: 1967 - A Year of Change

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Published: 22nd February 2018

In this edition of The Historian

4 Reviews

5 Editorial (Read article)

6 Homosexuality in Britain since 1967 – Harry Cocks (Read article)

12 Reviews

13 The President’s Column

14 The origins and development of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights movement in Britain from 1960 to the present – Professor Sally R. Munt (Read article)

18 A tale of two Turings – Dave Martin (Read article)

22 1968: the year of reckoning – Hugh Gault (Read article)

28 English first-aid organisations and the Provisional IRA mainland bombing campaign of 1974 – Barry Doyle (Read article)

33 The initial impact of the Battle of Jutland on the people of Portsmouth, June 1916 – Steve Doe (Read article)

38 Reviews

39 HA Tours

40 HA Conference

42 News from 59a

44 My Favourite History Place: The Guild Chapel – Trevor James (Read article)

45 The first women to... in ten tweets

46 Paris: 50 Years On from the Great War, 2 August 1964 – Chris Wrigley (Read article)

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