The Historian 137

Last updated: 23rd November 2018

4 Reviews

5 Editorial (Read article)

6 HA Conference

8 A year in the life of a branch co-ordinator – Jenni Hyde (Read article)

14 Private Lives of the Tudors – Tracy Borman (Read article)

19 The President’s Column

20 Good Evening Sweetheart: experiences of an ordinary couple in the Second World War – Sue and Pete Mowforth (Read article)

26 The Borgia: from fact to fiction – Stella Fletcher Articles (Read article)

30 Question and Answer: Lucy Hughes-Hallett on telling an HA branch about a book – Dave Martin (Read article)

32 The German prisoner-of-war camp in Dorchester – Dave Martin (Read article)

34 ‘Cromwell’s trunks’: loyalty, public opinion and the downfall of the Cromwellian Protectorate – Ted Vallance (Read article)

38 My Favourite History Place: Edinburgh’s Royal Mile – Maggie Wilson (Read article)

39 HA branches in ten tweets

40 ‘The story of her own wretchedness’: heritage and homelessness – David Howell (Read article)

45 Out and About – the Sheffield Branch goes to Oxford – Tim Simkins (Read article)

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