The Historian 138: Hidden stories of a centenary

The magazine of the Historical Association

By Editors: Paula Kitching and Trevor James, published 21st August 2018


4 Reviews

5 Editorial (Read article)

6 Britain’s Jews and the First World War - Paula Kitching (Read article)

13 The President’s Column

14 Journeys Home: Indian forces and the First World War – Kiran Sahota and Paula Kitching (Read article)

20 We will remember them: well, most of them – Richard Broadhead (Read article)

24 A South African, a Welshman and a Scotsman and the birth of the Royal Air Force – Sebastian Cox (Read article)

26 A fit country for heroes? The experiences of Salford’s returning soldiers after 1918 – Steve Illingworth (Read article)

30 From Bedfordshire to the Arctic Circle: What lead Harry Driver to Russia in 1919? – Andrew Wrenn (Read article)

35 The northern limit: Britain, Canada and Greenland, 1917-20 – Ben Markham (Read article)

40 My Favourite History Place: Keswick on Derwentwater – Dorothy Hind (Read article)

41 Women and the First World War in ten tweets

42 Out and About with homing pigeons in the Great War – Trevor James (Read article)

First World War

For more Historian articles about the First World War, see The Historian 130: 1916

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