History 371

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 106, Issue 371

Published: 1st July 2021


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  1. ‘Qu'il est question d'une langue sauvage’: Phrasebooks for European Travellers in Eighteenth-Century North America (pp 356-383) – Giulia Iannuzzi (Open Access)

  2. Travel, Expertise and Readers: Francesco Ottieri (1665–1742) and the Writing of Modern History (pp 384-408) – Guido G. Beduschi (Open Access)

  3. Doom and Gloom: The Future of the World at the End of the Eighteenth Century (pp 409-428) – Lina Weber (Open Access)

  4. Religious Controversy in Comparative Context: Ulster, the Netherlands and South Africa in the 1920s (pp 429-455) – Stuart Mathieson, Abraham C. Flipse

  5. State of the Field: The History of Emotions (pp 456-466) – Katie Barclay (Open Access)

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