History 372

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 106, Issue 372

By Guest editors: Madeleine Pelling and Lilian Tabois, published 1st September 2021

Special issue: Women and the Making of History

  1. Women and the Making of History: Introduction (pp 518-533) – Madeleine Pelling, Lilian Tabois (Free Access)

  2. Women and History Now: A Conversation (pp 534-560) – Alana Harris, Amara Thornton, Helen Carr, Takkara Brunson (Free Access)

  3. Reimagining This Creature: Hospitality and Autohagiography in the Visions of Margery Kempe (pp 561-577) – Joan Fitzpatrick (Free Access)

  4. ‘I Have Been a Collector of Costumes’: Women, Dress Histories and the Temporalities of Eighteenth-Century Fashion (pp 578-596) - Serena Dyer (Free Access)

  5. Margaret McNair Stokes (1832–1900): Negotiating Cultural Values Within Nineteenth-Century Irish Antiquarian Discourse (pp 597-618) – Niamh Nicghabhann, Colleen M. Thomas (Open Access)

  6. Materialising the ‘Gospel of Americanism’: The Exclusionary Interpretation of Twentieth-Century Early American Period Rooms in the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum (pp 619-644) – Cynthia E. Chin (Free Access)

  7. Jacqueline Dawson Chittenden: A Forgotten Classical Scholar (pp 645-667) – Lenia Kouneni (Free Access)

  8. Medicine and the Body in Second-Wave Feminist Histories of the Nineteenth Century (pp 668-686) – Agnes Arnold-Forster (Free Access)

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