History 374

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 107, Issue 374

Published: 22nd January 2022


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  1. Fear, Hatred and Strategy during the Wars of the Roses (pp 3-24) – Gordon McKelvie (Free to Read)

  2. The Supposed Burning of the Racovian Catechism in 1614: A Historiographical Myth Exposed (pp 25-50) – Ariel Hessayon, Diego Lucci (Free to Read)

  3. Walking, and Knowing the Past: Antiquaries, Pedestrianism and Historical Practice in Modern Britain (pp 51-73) – Paul Readman (Open Access)

  4. The Great Chester Cat Hoax: Creating an Urban Legend in the Anglosphere Press, 1815–1955 (pp 74-96) – Christopher Smith (Free to Read)

  5. ‘A Clash of Titans’: Big Business and the Congo Reform Movement (pp 97-120) – Dean Clay (Free to Read)

  6. Brothers, Comrades or Competitors? The Communist Party and Youth League in Shanghai, 1925–1927 (pp 121-142) – Shensi Yi (Free to Read)

  7. State of the Field: Physical Culture (pp 143-162) – Connor Heffernan (Open Access)

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