History 375

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 107, Issue 375

Published: 5th April 2022

Special issue: Public History

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  1. History in Public: Power and Process, Harm and Help (pp 211-234) – Christel Annemieke Romein, Laura Doak, Hannah Parker, Janet Weston (Open Access)

  2. Everyday Public History (pp 235-248) – Huw Halstead (Open Access)

  3. History and Public Memory in Tobago: Opportunities and Obstacles (pp 249-269) – O'Neil Joseph

  4. Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards: The Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre and Education Trust, Community Activism and Public History Programming (pp 270-286) – Safina Islam, E. James West

  5. Out of the Ivory Tower, into the Digital World? Democratising Scholarly Exchange (pp 287-301) – Fraser Raeburn, Lisa Baer-Tsarfati, Viktoria Porter (Open Access)

  6. Self-Representation, Community Engagement and Decolonisation in the Museums of Indigenous Communities: Perspectives from Meghalaya, India (pp 302-321) – Amorette Lyngwa

  7. Public History and Collective Transformation: A Case Study of Un/Learning the State (pp 322-336) – Erin Katherine Krafft, Rikki Davis, E. Denise Meza-Reidpath

  8. Finding Place in the Archive: A Case Study of St. John [Colored] Missionary Baptist Church, 1866–1900 (pp 337-355) – Portia D. Hopkins

  9. Emotion, Place and Weaponisation of the Truth: The Bloody Sunday Trust and the Search for Justice (pp 356-369) – Naomi Petropoulos (Open Access)

  10. Building Confianza: Collective Public History in the Time of Distance – a Joint Reflection from the Boyle Heights Museum Team (pp 370-391) – Jorge N. Leal, Yesenia Navarrete Hunter, Michelle Vasquez Ruiz, Cassandra Flores-Montaño, Arabella Delgado, Rosa Noriega-Rocha, Isis Galeno, Ivonne Rodriguez, Alexander Polt-Gifford

  11. Metahistory as Public History: On Introducing Metahistorical Perspectives in Events about Events (pp 392-407) – Ola Innset

  12. Going Deeper than ‘Emotional Impact’: Heritage, Academic Collaboration and Affective Engagements (pp 408-435) – Anna Fielding (Open Access)

  13. Public History Play-Acting After All: Commentary on a Confederate Battle Flag Exhibition in Virginia (pp 436-450) – Laura A. Macaluso

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