History 382

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 108, Issue 382

Published: 1st September 2023

Special Issue: (Hi)story‐telling

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Special issue papers

  1. (Hi)story-Telling: An Introduction to Italian Alternate and Counterfactual History (pp 355-364) – Adriano Vinale (Open Access)

  2. ‘Missed Revolutions’: Historical Narratives During Italian Fascism (from Delio Cantimori to Camillo Pellizzi) (pp 365-387) – Patricia Chiantera-Stutte (Open Access)

  3. Detecting Nineteen Eighty-Four in Italian Alternate History and Future/Past Narratives (1948–1984) (pp 388-406) – Angelo Arciero (Free Access)

  4. From History-writing to (Hi)story-telling: Historical Novel, Alternate/Counterfactual History and Implicit Uchrony (pp 407-420) – Adriano Vinale (Open Access)

Original article

  1. A Community in Competition: The Barons of Leinster in Thirteenth-Century Ireland (pp 421-445) – John Marshall (Open Access)

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