History 383

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 108, Issue 383

Published: 5th December 2023


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  1. William the Conqueror's Lost Writ for London Rediscovered (pp 449-467) – Nicholas Karn (Open Access)

  2. L.T. Hobhouse's idea of a European Federation (pp 468-483) – Alessandro Dividus (Open Access)

  3. Devoted, Pious, Frivolous and Irreverent Women: The Representation of Female Religiosity in Spanish Painting, 1868–1917 (pp 484-527) – Rosa Elena Ríos Lloret

  4. Time at Home: The October Revolution and Soviet Temporalities (pp 528-555) – Andy Willimott (Open Access)

  5. Je suis corse, un homme de village’: Towards a Study of Contemporary Corsican Nationalism (1959–98) (pp 556-580) – Deborah Paci (Open Access)

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