History 339

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th January 2015

Volume 100, Issue 339: Jan 2015


1. From Tyrant to Unfit Monarch: Marchamont Nedham's Representation of Charles Stuart and Royalists during the Interregnum (pages 1-20) - Benjamin Woodford

2. Images of Kingship: Charles I, Accession Sermons, and the Theory of Divine Right (pages 21-39) - Elena Kiryanova

3. ‘Citizen Emperor': Political Ritual, Popular Sovereignty and the Coronation of Napoleon I (pages 40-57) - Philip Dwyer

4. Autobiography as a Micrometer for Empire: How a Nineteenth-Century English Tailor was - and was not - an Absent-Minded Imperialist (pages 58-84) - Christopher Ferguson

5. Confessional Calvinism and Evangelical Assurance: Isaac Nelson, Ulster Revivalism and the Assurance Controversy in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, c.1859-1867 (pages 85-106) - Daniel Ritchie


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