History 338

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th December 2014

Volume 99, Issue 338: Dec 2014


1. Drapery in Exile: Edward III, Colchester and the Flemings, 1351-1367 (pages 733-753) - Bart Lambert and Milan Pajic

2. The Speed and Efficiency of the Tudor South-West's Royal Post-Stage Service (pages 754-774) - Ian Cooper

3. Technologies of the Body: Polite Consumption and the Correction of Deformity in Eighteenth-Century England (pages 775-796) - David M. Turner and Alun Withey

4. The Chartist Legacy in the British World: Evidence from New Zealand's Southern Settlements, 1840s-1870s (pages 797-818) - John Griffiths and Vic Evans

5. Presenting the History of Africans in Provincial Britain: Norfolk as a Case Study (pages 819-838) - Richard C. Maguire

6. Constitutional Change in England and the Diffusion of Regulatory Initiative, 1660-1714 (pages 839-863) - William A. Pettigrew


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