History 334

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th January 2014

Volume 99, Issue 334: Jan 2014


1. Peel, De Grey and Irish Policy, 1841-1844 (pages 1-18)
Charles Read

2. ‘Not getting his meals in the kitchen': Lord Acton's Quest for Public Office, 1892-1894 (pages 19-39) - T. G. Otte

3. Patriotism, the Great War and the Decline of Victorian Manliness (pages 40-72) - Anthony Fletcher

4. ‘To remove the stigma of the Poor Law': The ‘Comprehensive' Ideal and Patient Access to the Municipal Hospital Service in the City of Glasgow, 1918-1939 (pages 73-99) - Clifford Williamson

5. Opposition to the Channel Tunnel, 1882-1975: Identity, Island Status and Security (pages 100-120) - Duncan Redford


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