History 333

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th December 2013

Volume 98, Issue 333: Dec 2013


1. Through Jewish Eyes: Polemical Literature and the Medieval Papacy (pages 639-662) - Rebecca Rist

2. Learning from Home: Discourses on Education and Domestic Visual Culture in Early Modern Italy (pages 663-679) - Silvia Evangelisti

3. ‘Why don't those lazy priests answer the book?' Matthew Tindal, Censorship, Freedom of the Press and Religious Debate in Early Eighteenth-Century England (pages 680-707) - Alex Barber

4. The Charitable Corporation for the Relief of Industrious Poor: Philanthropy, Profit and Sleaze in London, 1707-1733 (pages 708-729) - Peter Brealey

5. Reinventing the Tower Beefeater in the Nineteenth Century (pages 730-749) - Janette Martin

6. Lost in Translation: The English Policeman through a German Monocle, 1848-1914 (pages 750-768) - Anja Johansen


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