History 332

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th October 2013

Volume 98, Issue 332: Oct 2013


1. Introduction (pages 503-510) - James Gow and Cathie Carmichael

2. Banking against Humanity: The Holocaust, the Reichsbank Loot Film and the American Prosecution at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal (pages 511-529) - Kevin Reynolds

3. ‘Soul Destroyers': Soviet Reporting of Nazi Genocide and its Perpetrators at the Krasnodar and Khar′kov Trials (pages 530-547) - Jeremy Hicks

4. Pictures of Peace and Justice from Nuremberg to the Holocaust: Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today, Memory of the Camps, and Majdanek: Cemetery of Europe - Missing Films, Memory Gaps and the Impact beyond the Courtroom of Visual Material in War Crimes Prosecutions (pages 548-566) - James Gow, Milena Michalski and Rachel Kerr

5. From the International Military Tribunal to the Subsequent Nuremberg Proceedings: The American Confrontation with Nazi Criminality Revisited (pages 567-591) - Donald Bloxham

6. Watch on the Drina: Genocide, War and Nationalist Ideology (pages 592-605) - Cathie Carmichael

7. Imperialism, Anti-Imperialism and the Problem of Genocide, Past and Present (pages 606-622) - Philip Spencer


1. The Archives of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (pages 623-635) - Iva Vukušić


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