History 331

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th July 2013

Volume 98, Issue 331: Jul 2013


1. Evidence for Dualism in Inquisitorial Registers of the 1240s: A Contribution to a Debate (pages 319-345) - Claire Taylor

2. Making Gibraltar British in the Eighteenth Century (pages 346-369) - Geoffrey Plank

3. The Clinton-Cornwallis Controversy and Responsibility for the British Surrender at Yorktown (pages 370-389) - Richard Middleton

4. Churchill's Black Dog at the Home Office, 1910-1911: The Evidential Reliability of Psychiatric Inference (pages 390-405)
- Wilfred Attenborough

5. State Expansion and the Criminal Investigation Militia during the Russian Civil War (pages 406-427) - Murray Frame


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