History 327

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th July 2012

Volume 97, Issue 327: Jul 2012


1. Submission and Homage: Feudo-Vassalic Bonds and the Settlement of Disputes in Ottonian Germany (pages 355-379) - Levi Roach

2. An Abortive Attempt to Defend an Episcopal Reputation: The Case of Archbishop Edwin Sandys and the Innkeeper's Wife (pages 380-401) - Sarah Bastow

3. A Piece of Coastal Crust: The Origins of a Second World War Defence Landscape at Walberswick, Suffolk (pages 402-430) Robert Liddiard and David Sims

4. The Hidden History of Graham Greene's Vietnam War: Fact, Fiction and The Quiet American (pages 431-452) - Kevin Ruane

5. The Colour of Feminism: White Feminists and Race in the Women's Liberation Movement (pages 453-475) - Natalie Thomlinson


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