History 355

The Journal of the Historical Association

Last updated: 22nd June 2018


  1. How to be an Exchequer Clerk in the Twelfth Century: What the Dialogue of the Exchequer is Really About (pages 199-222) Ulla Kypta

  2. Religion and the Composition of the Commissions of the Peace, 1547–1640 (pages 223-242) Alison Wall

  3. Unrepentant Papists: Catholic Responses to Cromwellian Toleration in Interregnum Scotland (pages 243-261) Ryan Burns

  4. Between Tribute and Unequal Treaties: How China Saw the Sea World in the Early Nineteenth Century (pages 262-285) Dong Wang

  5. British Emigrants and the Making of the Anglosphere (pages 286-306) Eric Richards

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