History 357

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 103, Issue 357

Published: 23rd September 2018


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  1. A Riposte to Clive Holmes, ‘The Trial and Execution of Charles I’ (pp 525-544), Sean Kelsey
  2. Leopold I, Louis XIV, William III and the Origins of the War of the Spanish Succession (pp 545-570), Wouter Troost
  3. ‘The Foul Conspiracy to Screen Salisbury and Sacrifice Morton’: A Microhistory of Extortion, Resistance and Same‐Sex Intimacy in Early Nineteenth‐Century London (pp 571-587), David Orr
  4. Royalty and Opposition to Blood Sports in Twentieth‐Century Britain: From Imperial Spoils to Wildlife Conservation? (pp 588-609), Michael Tichelar
  5. General Nicolae Rădescu: New Sources, New Perspectives, 1940s–1950s (pp 610-627), Katya Vladimirov 

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