History 358

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 103, Issue 358

Last updated: 3rd January 2019


  1. Subversive Acts: The Early Charters of the Borough of Beverley (pp 719-736), David X Carpenter Richard Sharpe
  2. Early American and Contemporary European Conceptions of the Nation, 1763–1789 (pp 737-757), Dean Kostantaras
  3. Man about Town: Victorian Night Life and the Haymarket Saturnalia, 1840–1880 (pp 758-776), Rohan Mcwilliam
  4. Know Your Enemy: Peter Chalmers Mitchell, British Military Intelligence and the Understanding of German Propaganda in the First World War (pp 777-799), David Monger
  5. Not Just Another Duster: Banking, Oil, Agriculture, and the Lessons Learned from the Dust Bowl on the Southern Great Plains, 1926–1938 (pp 800-844), Matthew Day

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