History 360

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 104, Issue 360

Published: 22nd April 2019


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  1. Britain, Australia and the Secret Ballot Act of 1872 (pp 209-227) – Edwin Jaggard

  2. The First Step to a Nation? The Irish Postal Service and the Home Rule Crisis (pp 228-244) – Claire Fitzpatrick

  3. Truth and Fake News about Caporetto: Explaining the Disaster in Italy and in Britain (pp 245-274) – Mark Thompson

  4. Children Diplomacy During the Late Cold War: Samantha Smith's Visit of the ‘Evil Empire’ (pp 275-308) – Matthias Neumann  Free access

  5. Hartog's Account of Historical Times and the Rise of Presentism (pp 309-330) – Christophe Bouton

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