History 361

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 104, Issue 361

Published: 9th July 2019


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  1. The Origins of the Husting and the Folkmoot (pp 409-424) – Rory Naismith – Free Access

  2. Modelling the Socialist Kindergarten in the Early Soviet Picture Book (pp 425-458) – Frances Saddington – Open Access

  3. Legacy of the Enlightenment: The Use of European History and Culture in the Interwar Years by the Ligue des droits de l'homme and Grande Loge de France (pp 459-472) – Wolfgang Schmale – Open Access

  4. Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis: A Reassertion of Robert Kennedy's Role as the President's ‘Indispensable Partner’ in the Successful Resolution of the Crisis (pp 473-503) – Matthew A. Hayes

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